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Welcome to the Bridge - March 2012
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It's not often I get to sit down and write about what's been going on around the Old Oak tree, but then again, there's something to be said about being busy. There's a lot to discuss and I hope you'll bear with me as I try to keep you up to date on things that have been going on around here over the past half a year. There have been a number of changes around here. Our Sales staff has grown, the website, which you're on right now, has been completely updated: Tell us what you think. We've joined the Social network group and now include a Facebook page to discuss our offerings. We try to keep it filled with Used and Brokerage Boats as they come in and information of where to boat and about taking care of your boat. And finally, we've updated our Sign on the property to reflect our new Logo. You'll remember we had changed our long standing relationship with Regal Boats, replacing the line with Four Winns in an effort to continue to provide our customers with high quality and with an even stronger emphasis on value. That prooved itself to be very true, and the Four Winns Boats are some of the nicest looking boats we've ever seen. So, we're very happy, and guess what... Our long list of Regal Owners, Families who we've serviced for many many years, they're happy too! Why? Because not only are they still receiving the same great service with the same professionalism we offered before the change, some owners have actually traded in their Regals for the nicer look and value of the Four Winns. If you didn't already know, we followed up that change with another one, a great one. Back in 1973, we started selling Checkmate Boats on Long Island. We've always had a love for the line, but over time, we didn't put in the time and effort a unique boat line such as this demands. Well, times being what they are, we've sharpened our focus and our pencils and we're working directly with the Manufacturer to help bring back the Checkmate Boat line image that many of our customers were asking about. It's something very different in a bay full of similar looking boats. Plus, Checkmate offers Long Island Boaters something that the Lifestyle was surely lacking: the fun of boating. At the Long Island Boat Show, which took place in February at the Nassau Coliseum, We were able to show people a taste of the types of boats they can own from Checkmate. The phone hasn't stopped ringing. Now, for those of you who have been coming to us year after year and enjoying your Striper Fishing Boats, there's been a change there too. But not what you'd think. Next year, in 2013, we're getting ready to celebrate our 25th year selling Striper fishing boats. That's a record for any Long Island Boat Dealer. There are few Companies who have been in business as long as we have, and none of them can really say they've sold one make of Boat that long. Also, If you haven't already seen it, you'll notice at the top of this page we've got another little reason to celebrate: We were awarded the Honor of being Stripers "Top Retailer of the Year" for 2011, and we're well on our way to topping ourselves in 2012. That's a great honor, and all we can say to you, our boating family, is "Thank You". Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. You're more than welcome to share in this honor and stop by on your next visit to the Parts area to see our Award. I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to mention our proudest accomplishment. For 3 generations and over 50 years, Great Oak Marina has serviced Marine engines for all kinds of Boaters. From weekend overnighters to weeknight fishermen. From the shores of Montauk Point to the valleys of the Hudson River, we've serviced Evinrude owners since our inception. Granpa really knew a good thing when he saw it, and we'll continue to service these engines way into our next generation, which, as I look up from writing this, doesn't look like it's as far away as I originally thought. I've often said, and I'm happy to continue to say, what is amazing, and frankly very uplifting, is the support of all of our former and current customers, people our family has been serving for over 50 years as well as all of the new folks that have put their confidence in Great Oak. Amazing and uplifting is the fact that boating can bring families together as friends and provide the joy and outlet we all need and deserve in difficult times. It is with this that my brother Billy and I would like to thank all of you already in the Great Oak boating family and welcome all new comers with open arms. Thank you again for the support. Warmest regards, Jim and Bill Shane